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Choosing a Newborn First Outfit: Some Top Tips

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the days after childbirth is choosing the outfit your baby will wear when they come back home from the hospital. When your baby first enters the world at large this is the outfit they will first 'meet' it in, and there will undoubtedly be many, many pictures taken.

Nevertheless, it could be difficult to pick just one lovely outfit from the plethora of adorable baby outfits available. That's why we are offering these tips for choosing a newborn first outfit that will look great in those photos while still keeping the baby calm and comfortable.

Keep the Weather in Mind

Except when it's extremely hot, infants normally need to dress in one more layer of clothes than adults. Consider what time of year it will be when the baby is born when choosing a newborn first outfit.

Baby's going-home attire should also easily fit inside a jumper or thin jacket if you'll need to be outside in the cold. Baby can also be kept warm with more blankets. They ought to wear a warm hat too. A single layer of clothes is sufficient if it's hot outside, but you might still want to invest in a matching sun hat or baby blanket to protect their sensitive skin.

Choose a Newborn First Outfit With Comfort Top of Mind

Newborn clothing must feature gentle, breathable fabrics and flexible arm, leg, and neck openings since babies have delicate skin. If elastic is utilized to gather the openings, ensure that it is not too tight and that there is material between the baby's skin and the elastic to prevent rashes. Ensure that buttons and snaps are securely fastened and won't scratch.

It's reasonable to want to dress your baby up in something fashionable, but keep in mind that extremely fussy dress clothes frequently aren't comfortable. If the clothing lacks softness and comfort, don't let ruffles and other grown-up embellishments persuade you to buy it.

In all honesty, when it comes to choosing a newborn first outfit, simple is better. Clothing with a lot of detailing and large embellishments often looks odd on a baby's tiny frame. On babies, simple clothing in solid colors or subtle patterns typically looks the best. These outfits also frequently make for good photos, so the baby will be prepared to smile (or doze) for the cameras on the trip home.

Make Sure It's Easy to Get On and Off

Because they are accustomed to being in small spaces, newborn newborns have floppy heads and curled-up limbs.

Look for head openings with snaps or buttons that expand. Stretchy arm and leg material should be able to accommodate small, rigid limbs. Naturally, nappy changes will be required, so check that the clothing has snap holes or detachable bottoms.

And make sure the clothing can be washed quickly in a washing machine. No one has time for dry clean only baby clothes!

Make Sure the Outfit is Car Seat Friendly

Any special baby clothing must fit safely in the car seat if you're driving home from the hospital with your new baby. It's not a good idea to put on anything that would need to be squished up in order to buckle up, such as really long, ruffled dresses, heavy jumpers or coats, or sleep sack-style outfits.

Any additional fabric that is bundled behind your child or beneath the car seat harness is not only unsafe, but also likely uncomfortable. If it's extremely chilly, think about placing the infant in the car seat and then covering the harness with warm blankets, or dressing the child in a thin fleece suit.

Consider Choosing TWO First Outfits for Baby

Babies frequently make messes when it is least convenient. In case the first outfit gets dirty, make sure to have a backup ready. Additionally, this is a smart practice to get into the habit of for the next few years!