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How To Choose the Best Newborn Summer Clothes to Beat the Heat

In the summer months, there are several factors to consider when deciding on your baby's wardrobe for the day, including the sweltering heat outside, the air conditioning that is on full blast inside, and the fact that babies need assistance maintaining their body temperatures. To help you choose the right newborn summer clothes, here is a helpful guide on how to outfit your infant in the summer so that they feel good, and thus so will you.

Choosing the Best Newborn Summer Clothes to Beat the Heat

Being able to take advantage of the sunshine and fresh air is one of the main benefits of giving birth in the summer. However, you should use some caution with your irreplaceable infant. Here are some suggestions to bear in mind when dressing them before taking your baby outside:

Opt for Lightweight Fabrics

When the temperature rises, stick to breathable, high-quality textiles. Because it feels gentle on their delicate skin and keeps them cool on warmer days, cotton is a fantastic fabric choice for babies.

Just a Bodysuit is OK

When it is hot outside your baby does not need to be all dressed up in a formal baby outfit, just a bodysuit is OK. That single layer should be enough to protect their skin from the sun while still keeping them cool, and it's easy to layer something on top of a baby bodysuit if you head into a chilly air conditioned space for a while.

Consider Dressing Baby in Thin Layers Indoors

It's a good idea to outfit the baby in lightweight layers if you prefer to keep your house cooler by running the air conditioning on the chilly side in the summer. For added warmth, think about dressing your infant in leggings over a bodysuit. Additionally, you can put on some socks to keep them warm while the air conditioner is on.

Dress Baby For Sleep Sensibly

No matter the weather outside, you should dress your infant for sleeping in accordance with the temperature inside your house. A short-sleeved bodysuit made of organic cotton and a swaddling blanket will keep your baby cool but cozy on warm nights. Soft cotton rompers are also some of the best newborn summer clothes for sleeping on those air conditioned chilled nights.

Skip Those Naptime Blankets

Putting down your baby for a nap? Instead of using blankets, choose a thin sleep sack. Babies can enjoy the same level of security and comfort from wearable sleep sacks without running the risk of overheating.

The Best Newborn Summer Clothes Provide Sun Protection Too

Experts say that you should keep infants out of direct sunlight until they are six months old. But that doesn't have to mean they stay indoors all day. Dress your child in protective summer gear and a baby hat to keep their tiny head covered when you're out and about. Baby sunglasses with UV protection are a practical (and cute!) way to shield your child's eyes from the sun if they will accept wearing them.